Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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We noticed some unusual failure notice in your to help protect you.

Failure to verity your account, You have 24hours before your stop sending or received any activities emails from others. 
The fastest way to stop failure notice in your account is to verify your account now.


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Monday, May 16, 2022

Funds To Claim

Funds in your Surname are ready for payout, quickly email Mr. Paul Muller at ( for a claim.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Direct Axis


Good Day,

As a Financial Lender for over 20 years with credibility, we have provided finance to many individuals and businesses just like yours,  Whether you're Self-employed, Contractor, Retailer, Restaurant,Engineer, Cleaning Service, we want to offer you support in the form of flexible finance that you can manage as your cash flow requirements  change.    That is why we avoid the unnecessary conditions and waiting period which puts your business's development on hold.    Direct Axis Financial Services offerrange of Loans from Personal to Business loans, Home loans and Debt Consolidation loans at 5%  Fixed Interest Rate Per Annum. We assists the SME market across South Africa  with affordable business loans of up to R3 million and Personals up to R1 million approved within 72 hours with very little effort needed from you.    Send Application and Documents below to        To Apply Simply Send  1) A clear copy of your valid ID  2) Pay Slip OR 3 Months Bank Statement  3) Cell No / Office No .......................... / ..............................  4) Email .......................  5) Loan Amount .......................  6) Loan Repayment Duration ..................  7) Loan Type ..................................  8)  Business Loan Applicants To Send  3 Months Bank Statement & Copy of Business Registration Documents ie CK & VAT    5% Repayment Schedule Table For Guide To Application    Loan Amount (RAND)    Term  Duration    Monthly  Installment    Cumulative  Payments    Term  Duration    Monthly  Installment    Cumulative Payments    R 20,000     2 Years    R 877.43      R 21,058.27     3 Years    R 599.42  R 21,579.05  R 50,000     2 Years    R2, 193.57    R 52,645.67     3 Years    R1, 498.54    R 53,947.61  R 100,000    3 Years    R2, 997.09    R 107,895.23    4 Years    R2, 302.93    R 110,540.61  R 250,000    3 Years    R 7,492.72    R 269,738.07    5 Years    R4, 717.81    R 283,068.50  R 300,000    4 Years    R 6,908.79    R 331,621.83    6 Years    R 4,831.48    R 347,866.55  R 500,000    5 Years    R 9,435.62    R 566,137.01    7 Years    R 7,066.95    R 593,624.18  R 800,000    7 Years    R11,307.13    R 949,798.69    9 Years    R 9,213.82    R 995,092.40  R 1,000,000  8 Years    R12,659.92    R 1,215,352.32  10 Years    R10,606.55   R 1,272,786.18  R 1,500,000  10 Years   R15,909.83    R 1,909,179.27  12 Years    R13,873.36   R1,997,763.29  R 2,500,000  15 Years   R19,769.84    R 3,558,571.32  20 Years    R16,498.89   R3,959,734.44  R 3,000,000  18 Years   R21,091.02    R 4,555,659.36  20 Years    R19,798.69   R4,751,681.31    Other Features / Benefits Includes  Credit Decision within 24-48 hours  Cash in your account within 24-48 hours upon Approval  Fast and easy process  Free monthly statement via email  Customer Protection Insurance for your peace of mind  Immediate access to funds after loan has been transfer    Thanks for Choosing Direct Axis    Management  Direct Axis Financial Services    108 De Waal Rd Southfield  Cape Town 7008, And our Direct Connection to Financial Services. Registered Credit Provider, NCRCP20 Direct Axis SA (Pty) Ltd (Registration no 1995/006077/07) is authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP 5 and FSP 7249) ©